Sustainable Fermentation Media

Modern Tools

We work with clients to identify the underlying metabolomics involved in production of the desired molecule(s). We use the resulting information to mine organic waste sources and identify substrates (nutrients, enzyme co-factors, additives, etc.) that improve product biosynthesis.


Green Chemistry

Using green chemistry design principles, we develop sustainable pre-treatment techniques to convert organic materials into process ready feedstock with uniform composition and consistency that maintains process reliability. Our process development strategy emphasizes the use of waste derived raw materials, maximizing atom efficiency, and using renewable solvents and catalysts to improve process chemistry. We also develop custom formulations to fit individual strains or processes. Our customers can rest assured we have their back once they are ready to scale up operations.


Value At Lower Cost

Research has shown that raw materials as a percentage of COGS is higher for industrial biotech than biopharma. The introduction of recycled materials into a process can significantly reduce COGS at commercial scale while creating an added value to the biomanufacturing process by making it a bona fide waste-to-value added platform. Often times manufacturing cost can be a key decision driver when analyzing the viability of new bio-manufacturing technologies.

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