Tom HintzD

Tom Hintz    

Tom is the Managing Partner at SeaHold® LLC, a firm in the waste-to-energy field with anaerobic digestion as its primary focus. SeaHold consults with colleges, private industry and other research organizations on the feasibility of deploying digester operations.

Tom is a graduate of Economics from Indiana University. A seasoned business executive, Tom has a solid background achievements in profit generation and value creation through successful product and project development. His main focus over the past few years has been in renewable energy, working with stakeholders to navigate the uncharted world of renewable technology development. He regularly advises local, regional and state regulatory agencies and commissions that govern renewable energy projects He is a frequent speaker at industry events and teaches comprehensive “Biogas 101”, a one day course on biogas technologies .

Tom is a member of the following industry groups:

-    Bioenergy Industry association
-    Canadian Biogas Association
-    Western united Dairymen- Associate member
-    California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006- Implementation group
-    California Regional Water Quality Control Board (Central Valley Water Board)
-    Dairy Manure Digestion and Co-digestion Program Environmental Impact Report (EIR)- Technical Advisory Group.     
-    Scientific Advisory Board

Business Advisory Board

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