Products & Services

The Eco Feedstock brand and the EcoFeedstock line of products represent our commitment to produce biobased chemicals sourced almost exclusively from recycled organic waste/biomass material. Using Eco Feedstock chemicals and materials tells the world that you are committed to changing how the products of tomorrow are manufactured for the better.


Contruction - Biobased contrete and ashphalt release agents, dust control, lubricants and solvents for construction industry

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage - Bio based chemicals for industrial applications including materials handling, site cleaning and process disinfection.


Agriculture - Products made to improve nutrient recycling, soil health and plant perfomance in agricultural applications

Industrial biotech

Industrial biotech - Providing alternatives to agro sourced fermentation feedstocks from recycled organics

Custom Chemicals

Custom Chemicals  - Customized formulations to meet specific needs and unique applications.

Chloronova - Ecologically Friendly and Renewable Chemicals