Our Mission


To use innovative, research-driven technology platforms combined with a customer oriented business mindset to discover, develop and produce ecologically friendly and renewable chemical feedstock for businesses in the emerging bio-economy space  while providing better solutions for waste management and reutilization. 

Our Vision


To be proponents of a new industrial revolution (the green revolution) by providing businesses of the 21st century with raw materials that allow the advancement of human endeavor with minimal impact to the environment.

Our Story

Chloronova is a California based biorefining and waste technology development company dedicated to developing innovative solutions to overcoming  the energy and chemical challenges of tomorrow’s economy by focusing on organic  product specific waste from industrial and commercial operations.  Using cutting edge research and backed by the core principles of  green chemistry and quality by design (QBD), we are exploring the boundaries of  organic waste refining and conversion processes to develop new sources of biomass based feedstock for the biofuels and bioproducts industries in the emerging bio-economy space  .Chloronova seeks to become the premier provider of process ready feedstock, intermediates and finished products for manufacturers of biofuels, bioproducts and other bio based specialty chemicals.  

Chloronova - Ecologically Friendly and Renewable Chemicals